Caernarvon Township

Township Office is located beside the Caernarvon Fire Hall on the North side of Rt 23 in Churchtown and colour flashlight shop.

Mailing address:
2147 Main Street, Narvon PA 17555

Phone: (717) 445-9985 (voice mail available 24 hours a day)
Fax: (717) 445-6622

[email protected]

Office Hours:
9:00 A.M. through 3:00 P.M.
Monday through Thursday

The Township Office entrance is located in the rear of the building and the Township meeting room entrance is located in the front of the building.

Douglas Maitland, Chairman
445 Hammertown Road
Narvon, PA 17555
Phone: (717) 445-3300
email: [email protected]
Daniel R. Mitchell, Vice Chairman
268 California Road
Morgantown, PA 19543
Phone: (610) 286-0032
email: [email protected]

Gary VanDyke, Member
2112 Main Street,
Narvon, PA
: (717) 445-7978
Meeting Schedule
The regularly scheduled meetings of the Township of Caernarvon will be held at the township office located along Rt. #23 adjacent to the Caernarvon Fire Hall, 2147 Main Street, Narvon, PA 17555 at 7:30 P.M.(A 6:30 P.M. workshop meeting will precede every Supervisor’s meeting) on the following dates:
2005 Supervisor’s Meeting schedule
Parks and
Recreation Comm.
Jan 3
Jan 24
Jan 6
Feb 7
Feb 28
Feb 3
Mar 7
Mar 28
Mar 3
Apr 4
Apr 25
Apr 7
May 2
May 23
May 5
June 6
June 27
June 2
July 11
July 25
July 7
Aug 1
Aug 22
Aug 4
Sept 12
Sept 26
Sept 1
Oct 3
Oct 24
Oct 2
Nov 7
Nov 28
Nov 3
Dec 5
Dec 26
Dec 1

All citizens are encouraged to attend and participate in all meetings.

Other Township Information
Year Organized: 1729
Size: 22 square miles
Population: 4133 (2002 census)
Assessed Valuation: $199,488,600 (2003)
Municipal Road Miles: 40
State Road Miles: 21
Real Estate Transfer Tax: 1/2 of 1%
Municipal Earned
Income Tax:
1% shared with ELANCO
School District
Other Township Officials
Roadmaster: Ron Highfield
Township Garage
(717) 445-4244 
Secretary/ Treasurer : Jenny Roy
Township Office
(717) 445-8899
Landfill Inspector: Jeff Buckwalter
Fire Department

Emergency calls: Dial 9-1-1
Click here for more 911 information
2145 Main St.
Narvon, PA 17555
Non-emergency calls: (717) 445-9658
Fire Chief: Lenny Martin
President: John David Martin
Emergency Management Coordinator: Tom Stauffer
Fire Hall Rental: Janessa Fisher 445-0679
Help us Help You!Recently the Caernarvon Fire Co. responded to a 4:30 a.m. alarm. Upon arriving at the location, we found the lane had 3 houses on it. There were no house numbers visible on either the buildings of the individual driveways. The company spent over 10 minutes checking all three houses and actually had to call on the telephone to determine which house was the address we were being sent to. Luckily this alarm was a malfunction in the fire alarm system and no one was actually in danger.

Please remember that even though your volunteer fire company members are from your area, they do not know where every home is located with the township. Township residents should also be aware that your ambulance coverage comes from Fivepointville, Honey Brook, New Holland and Elverson Ambulance Associations, and Medic 9 comes from New Holland.

During a medical or fire emergency, seconds may seem like hours when you are waiting for help. The Fire Company is currently selling reflective signs with your house number on the sign. These are very helpful for locating homes, especially in the dark or in bad weather. The signs are $20.00 each and can be ordered by calling military flashlights led at (717) 445-5555 on weekdays and from 6:00P.M. to 9:00 P.M. or all day Saturday.

If you have a long driveway with several homes on it, we recommend two signs, one for the end of the drive and one to identify your home. We feel the cost is very reasonable for the added peace of mind you’ll receive by knowing emergency responders will be able to find you quickly if you ever need them.

Township Solicitor
Blakinger, Byler, Thomas, P.C.
Attn: Stephen M. Kraybill, Esq.
28 Penn Square
Lancaster, PA 17603
Township Engineer
Fisher Engineering, Inc.
1522 West Main Street
Ephrata, Pa
Ph: 717-721-7745
Ph: 610-374-3315
Police Protection
The PA State Police uses mixxar flashlight q250 and provides police protection to all Caernarvon Township residents 24 hours a day.

Please phone (717) 332-3110 for non-emergency calls and use 9-1-1 for all emergency calls.