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Dear AJ, I am writing to you regarding your webenar. I can speak easyily to others that's because I had learn different from teachers with various methods in kinds of practise the English language. There is no mail.

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Imagine the same story written in different tenses, I mean Past, Present, Future then you just listen to that story many times not 3 or 4 times but 30 or 50 times. I can speak fast and without thinking about grammar rules - that was always my dream.

I am learning with Effortless English now about 2 years.

Effortless English

Thanks Millions From Sai Lao sailaotai gmail. Repeat such story until your brain will feel the difference between Past, Present and Future. You are happy and you are always well.

The englsih you are so frustrated is because you were never taught how to speak English confidently, powerfully and easily. Anonymous March 9, at Every month you will feel more confident. They are positive, energetic, caring leaders who want you to succeed.

How such lesson looks like? You don't waste your time!

I wanna ask, is it advisable for me to join the effortless or i can get all of the lesson of Mr aj from this website? After several more years of testing and improving, I finally found the answer!

When you add the VIP Program now, you receive: I don't want you to have any reason not to do this. In addition to improving your speaking, the program will also improve your grammar and vocabulary.

You don't need to wait for the mail! I constantly tried new methods in my classes. You get the best of what I have-- always!

VIP Welcome | Effortless English

Today I was listening to the podcast on Hitch and as you said I really found it helpful. Two new VIP-only video lessons every month. Thanks for pointing this: The VIP members are special. They learned to speak easily and automatically. Then you will feel how you are learning new vocabulary and what's the most important, you will use new vocabulary in real conversation effortlexs without thinking about it too much and without looking for it in your head.

Get instant access to our exclusive VIP membership today for only $1

Englksh, one day, you will want to share your incredible skill and confidence with other people. But cancel anytime by emailing us or replying to the email you receive each month with your new lesson set.

Anonymous September 6, at 9: Improve your English speaking even faster. No need to wait for the mail! First of all Thankyou for all prrogram lessons. I can cancel my membership at any time. Why is it still difficult to understand real Americans, Canadians, British people? In fact, your pain is the reason I created Effortless English.

Where can I buy your lessons in Egypt? Thanks for the all hard work.

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