F-secure pc protection plus

In the past I have run this test on five systems simultaneously. Never forget another password or PIN code. Pros Excellent score in our malicious URL blocking test. Starting with this review, I'm comparing test products to the three browsers only, and averaging the results.

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Extensive usability studies have helped create a user experience that sets a new standard in safe PC use. Congratulations; you've just set up parental controls for yourself.

I use a hand-coded program to launch each URL in turn and record that the antivirus caught it, the antivirus missed it, or it wasn't a phishing site after all. About another 30 percent beat at least one of the browsers.

Kaspersky's suites offer Safe Money, which specifically isolates the protected browser from other processes. If prohection limited overall computer use, clicking the Extend… button pops up a request for an administrator password. Symantec Norton Security Deluxe.

Banking protection prevents man-in-the-middle attacks. In almost every case, it diverted the browser to a page stating that F-Secure blocked a harmful site. However, it rpotection nothing to protect against the Petya disk-encrypting ransomware.

Most people let PCs go to sleep when not in use, rebooting only when they must, so an increase in boot time doesn't necessarily mean much.

That's the best score among products tested using my current sample set.

F-Secure, by contrast, offers a Windows-only solution with a uniquely awkward configuration system. Windows 10, Windows 8. All three kick in automatically on detecting a financial site. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript.

PC Protection Plus by F-Secure - Should I Remove It?

In my own hands-on malware protection test, F-Secure detected 93 percent of the samples and earned 9. Both provide a much broader feature selection than F-Secure, both include full-fledged parental control, and both get top marks from the independent antivirus labs.

That script averaged 19 percent longer with F-Secure installed, more than many competing products, but still not bad. protecfion

For many years I used the same old, underpowered PC for performance testing. Excellent score in our malicious URL blocking test. Good score in our malware protection test. Note that the Statistics page has departed; my contact at F-Secure tells protecction it will return, improved, in a coming version.

Failed some ransomware tests. By default, it permits access from 8am lc 8pm each day. Your kids won't get past it using a secure anonymizing proxy. I use an algorithm to map all the scores on to a point scale and create an aggregate lab score.

F-Secure Anti-Virus

A few other companies offer super-sized bundles. Including malware that F-Secure eliminated after download, the antivirus scored 86 percent protection. For example, Bitdefender includes Safepay in all products, starting with the antivirus.

But it does seem to show a weakness in the behavior-based detection. In addition, F-Secure dropped the simple spam filter due to lack of interest. F-Secure can block access to websites matching 15 color-coded categories. But there's a catch, and it's a big one. To prepare for this test, I scrape hundreds of reported phishing URLs from sites that track such things. The product under test f-sdcure one, of course, and I've used Norton on another, as olus touchstone.

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