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Because some veterans that cant cope with something newer doesnt mean its worse or bad. Out of habit I use the same VS version the game was written in. Maybe DICE could implement fractions of the old school. Find More Posts by scrapdizle. No spam, especially youtube spam.

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Okay so is modern warfare overdone too?

Battlefield Deluxe Edition - PC -

Would it be impossible to have multiple time periods in one game? Defeating a mech required a good commander, that porgable orbital EMP strikes and orbital artillery barrages against it. Even at the time, was a risk.

Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. Recognitions Donator 20 Gratuity 2. Just good old Battlefield with the addition of new gameplay mechanics introduced by launch battlevield, Titan mode, hover vehicles, and a plethora of gadgets. Find More Posts by Kozmo. Besides, you dont even know what battlefield is all about.


If you say graphics are the only thing that's going to change then that's asinine. Forget how that would work in story, but in mulitplayer different maps could just be set in different periods? Sadly, the old BF games are too Hardcore, that's why younger people don't want them.

It would make no sense to produce a game that will sell less than the most recent BF products. The argument that will be like the new CoDs is ludicrous at best.

No need to act like king dick by handing out orders. Find More Posts by Freaky I found BF3 terrible, I can't believe how many people love it. I wrote a simple wrapper for the std library and it works fine.

Battlefield 2142:Portable way to get ClassManager BF

While the pods don't launch you very high unless you're near an enemy Titan, in which case you're automatically oriented towards the enemy Titanit still allowed teams to flank behind enemy lines, kind of like an ODST in Halo.

We can't revisit that if Dice moves on from it because it's overdone? If DICE took the lessons learned from BF4 eking out the customization options, improving teamplay, showing strong dedication to your product and applied them to athe result would be tremendous.

Kozmo Hacker Cracker Join Date: Being in the enemy spawn and taking out their assets one thing BF3 and 21422 ruinedincluding but not limited to placing explosives on transport vehicles, waiting for them to fill up and take off, then blowing the charges to just have great multi-kill.

They could add some interesting dynamics to how weapons work, mix semi-realism of weapons with ideas that aren't necessarily historically accurate, but still maintain a style of gameplay that most people can relate to things we've come to expect from Battlefield, like in depth weapon customizing.

Talk about a rush. Find More Posts by zoomgod.

Why would I give a shit about what people are saying outside of right here, on YouTube or otherwise, when you made your accusation in here towards someone else? I've talked with many, many players of BF4 and they would never want to have that, because stuff like tactics and teamwork are slow and boring.

Here are just a couple things I can think of off the top of my head: Rule 6 All content needs to be tagged.

Let's look at a few relevant reddit posts in the past two weeks, shall we? We won't see "an older style game". Slightly more tough than the tanks 22142 could be considered gattlefield tanks and the mechs would be heavy tanks. I am a Battlefield veteran, I played pretty much every Battlefield game out there, including Battlefield and all its expansions, Battlefield Vietnam a lot of people forget BF: Originally Posted by Revolty. BF3 was a shock to some veterans.

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