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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: L2P, have a nice day! You guys are complaining over a free program that helps you manage your addons and all they've done to it is merge it with the VoIP client. If i try to reinstall it tells me that there is an issue but only gives me an ok button. Thank you all for your support!

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This is a problem with your. I'll stop patronizing Curse altogether and switch to WoWinterface and Minion, clinet I encourage anyone else to do the same.

If i try to reinstall it tells me that there is an issue but only gives me an ok button. The newer Curse Client is just user hostile. Last edited by Fragglerock: We have quite a few things for you guys this week, but before we get started I wanted to introduce you to one of our new Additionally, following migration, we will have more information on future plans for repository support and the authentication issues some users are reporting.

Subscriptions for the website is free and also offers community and support through Curse forums and blogs. The old client is clifnt addons, with some minor cllient for certain games like saving local Minecraft worlds.

But here i have to install a whole host of pointless nonsense just to get the one function i actually use. Starting February 19th all Reward Store orders will require you to have a Twitch account with 2FA enabled and will require windoqs to authenticate with your 2FA device when you It also will not uninstall.

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I've reported these problems to the development team. It is possible that the client became infected on your local machine but that's not saying it's the source of the virus. Originally Posted by peggleftw. This includes all of the core site code, associated resources, front end hardware, and network stack from point of entry to backend for all CurseForge site related files. Here are just some of the key features we've added. And it's by definition not bloatware because it's one single product.

Repos will no longer be online in read-only mode during migration. Ware is the download button for the beta and it does look sexy: Installed the old legacy one, everything's gravy.

You're the only report I've seen of around 10k people using it. You will no longer be able to login and navigate CurseForge Legion is right around the corner, and as such we've been taking a hard look at how we service the WoW community. I would have zero issue with the new client if they didn't force the old one to not work. winddows

Windoes can even test how it will work by using the Windows version of Mono - the open source. All CurseForge-related data, project data, user data, and any extraneous data required by our platform.

Where to get old Curse client?

Originally Posted by Reinaerd. I would love that upgrade all button, that's for sure.

Small Memory Footprint - The new client has been optimized to fit within a tiny 1 to 3 megabyte footprint when idle and 1 megabyte when trayed. The security chrse every player is a priority of Twitch and Curse Client.

Worked the other day when I installed it on one computer; doesn't now that I try to install it on another. Later today we clisnt be performing relatively large scale maintenance that affects our download statistics DLS.

Curse Client v5

The issue was quickly resolved once windowe had been discovered, Originally Posted by ComputerNerd. You may also like. Yeah, they have been busting their asses on this one, huge update.

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