Casts that catch fish dvd

Log In or Register. Her husband Carl Bumcast McNeil is, well, a trout bum — or at least he would be given half a chance. View e-Privacy Directive Documents. Contact Us Update Notification. In many moments you will see clear graphics superimposed on the video, which makes it easy to understand the concepts.

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This decision can be reversed. It truly does portray the beauty and serenity of Fiordland!

Message EU e-Privacy Directive This website uses cookies to manage authentication, navigation, and other functions. Our films and videography are award winners, the accolades now too many to list honestly.

Casts That Catch Fish

Our films and videography are award winners, the accolades now too many to list honestly Take a look at some totally unsolicited comments for our product here Jeanie Ackley flsh an accomplished filmmaker and adventurer.

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Casts that catch fish - DVD

Buy it, you won't regret it! Once in a Blue Moon on iTunes. High quality, no hype, sensibly priced fly lines. Visit our YouTube Fasts here http: The mice evidently not only attract big brown trout, but some very large eels too!

Jeanie Ackley is an accomplished filmmaker and adventurer. This was a very caasts done documentary. Mailing List Enter your e-mail address to receive our newsletter.

Made in the UK, proven world-wide. The quality of the movie is very high. The filming is exquisite.

Casts that Catch Fish DVD

Carl and his team have done an outstanding work. Each cast is explained step by step in plain simple language with the assistance of slow motion and graphical overlays. On the Fly is an award winning producer of Avant-garde fly fishing films - documentary style. You cannot log-in to the wildfisher There is no need all content is visible to guests.

I mostly can't be arsed to watch TV for an hour but this was spectacular.

I humbly suggest it is the best I have seen however I should admit that I am biased as it was filmed in an area that I love. These casts should be considered vital ammunition in the arsenal of all fly anglers of both fresh and salt water.

The entire production is slick and not one second of those 36 minutes is wasted. Hover over image to zoom.

Casts That Catch Fish Carl McNeil - Fly Casting Fishing DVD

In short, this film is more National Geographic than it is Jackass. The presentation is relaxed and excellent. By combining some really powerful cinematography, with the story of a mysterious food-chain lifecycle, it does things we've not seen before.

Filmed in HD with some amazing clips of mice, casting, fighting and not least strikes in clear water. The best I have seen by a country mile. Featured Product Kaufmann Chartreuse Stimulator.

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