Hebrew is greek

I attempted repeatedly, yet unsuccessfully, to find more scholars who would be willing to assist me in my quests. As already stated, the research of J. This revolutionary transformation took place around the time I was thirty years old, following the publishing of my book Law and Life according to Hebrew Thought. Do NOT include here any paranormal phenomena with a religious label, e.

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We cannot omit to express our admiration for this great man, who, defying the forces of darkness and medieval ignorance, proved to be an unbiased scholar, unburdened grfek preconceived dogma and purposeful deception.

It examines in great detail the first two books of the Pentateuch Genesis, Exodus and admits that today these books are being recognised as myths without any basis in factual history.

Jim Louizos marked it as to-read Dec 21, Hebrew Is Greek by Joseph Yahuda.

Hebrew Is Greek

And more importantly, how can you verify accurately how to determine the correct place AND the correct time period for any historical question? He did this even though he was old and had to travel a long distance in bad weather and heavy fog.

Many of them prefer to live in the dark; It is a fact to be pitied that some are fanatics who hate everything Greek, especially her history and her language. He did this even though he was old and had to travel a long distance in bad weather and heavy fog. This is not an error committed only by me.

Early on during my research, I tested the exactness of the words and verified their meanings. In the past, many such men appeared in the Roman State as politicians, academics or administrators in the public sector, and fought against everything that was Greek.

Concerns posed by another Jewish intellectual who wrote the preface of the book. Jazzymood rated it really liked it Nov 04, It should open freely and widely and the key to this was the grammar.

Yahuda has told us, as he may have thought that everyone understood what he was saying. This came in a press interview broadcast by the seventh Hebrew radio and was translated on Wednesday into Arabic by the press information analysis and study center.

Yahuda got in touch with him, and they maintained a fruitful relationship through correspondence, though they never actually met in person. As a lawyer, he is able to evaluate this proof.

A quiet harbour for humankind. Yet, their contributions are still recognized in Wikipedia. Joel Ntagara marked it as to-read Jan 06, Following the book's publication, and while only a limited number of copies circulated for a few fortunate individuals, the book disappeared from the face of the earth. He is a Jewish linguist. To ask other readers questions about Hebrew Is Greekplease hebrww up.


I've never read through the Quran. As a lawyer, he is able to evaluate this proof. It cannot be found at any public library, it is not sold at any bookstore on earth, not even in a curiosity or antique shop. This ecumenical research will be reviewed by three separate specialists, one for each language researched, although each specialist does have knowledge of the other two languages.


The book, published in Grsek, and hbrew Hebrew is Greek, was written by lawyer, linguist and researcher, Joseph Yahuda, the son of Isaac Benjamin Ezekiel Yahuda, an ethnic Jew and longtime researcher and linguist.

The years passed, but when I published my book Biology and New Medicine inI then had the opportunity to spend all of my free time on researching those possible links that I suspected existed between Biblical Hebrew and Greek. I estimate that 9 out of each 10 words of the [Jewish] Bible can be proved to have a purely Greek equivalent.

I was convinced that this phenomenon went past the limits of borrowing, reaching the limits of a genetic relationship. Yahuda restores part of a universal truth that has fallen into oblivion for hebreew.

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A few may, but the majority would choose to live as charlatans rather than change.

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