Barbed wire city

Great alternative to the two stale national products and great talent? But this was so much different. Ignoring, of course, that blading or letting someone cut you is dramatically different from what occurred in November of

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Didn't care for it.

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His inclusion, in addition to some great insight from StrictlyECW. Instead of going in-depth on any one of these issues, they instead let the interviewers describe the mood at the time and move wure.

As obvious as brain trauma and CTEs seem now, I know as a kid I never thought twice about seeing a wrestler take ten chair shots to the head. This was a great move on their end as most knowledge wrestling fans barebd well versed in ECW history. Recent Posts Wrestling Omakase No spoilers in titles for 24 hours after a show has aired. It was surreal to see guys who have passed away some of which nearly ten years ago talking about ECW and their experiences in the business.

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Is that fucking retarded? If you want to hear the true story of ECW narbed the guys that lived it, this is the documentary for you. The film does a great job of mentioning a pivotal and most times controversial moment in ECW and going back to Extreme Reunion just afterwards to let the moment sink in even more. The barbfd was inconsistent, one particular interview shows Keller in perfect light while the next scene has half his face shrouded in darkness.

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It was much more enjoyable in wife documentary sense, where Forever Hardcore was essentially RF video style amateur hour shit. The interviews themselves were shot poorly. SquaredCircle submitted 4 years ago by ArtimusPyle.

I always liked how passionate the ECW fans were, but I feel like they really didn't respect the performers, often preferring stupid ass spots over quality matches which lead to dudes like New Jack often being involved in high profile feuds. I have no complaints about the use of fan cam footage, there was more than enough.

Barbed Wire City: The Unauthorized Story of Extreme Championship Wrestling (Video ) - IMDb

No image posts that are: I thought it was too all over the place. Then Forever Hardcore was horrible. Log in or sign up in seconds. Outside of Douglas, everyone else sounds crisp.

Live Mae Young Classic: Some even recount the numerous times Heyman lied to their faces. This distinction really helps differentiate the documentary, but does take away from a bit of the production values more on that later. It started to drone a barbe by the 60 minute mark.

I've learned a ton about them, and watched basically every show they ever did due to youtube and the WWE docs. Spoiler Policy No spoilers in titles for 24 hours after a show has aired. This becomes even more clear during the Mass Transit discussion where the journalists including Jason Powell of Prowrestling.

If you consider yourself a hardcore wrestling fan, do yourself a cit and watch Barbed Wire City. The one complaint I do have is the music seemed to be a constant repeat, almost as if there was one audio track throughout the entire documentary.

I definitely have to look this up. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. It allowed the documentary to take a step back from the biased points of wjre you got from the fans, owners and wrestlers.

This movie was fan-made basically, just like ECW itself.

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