Gta san andreas codes

Use this cheat when you have already pimped out your ride to a good extent. Jump on top of Big Smoke's house, then jump on roofs towards CJ's house. Go the gym near the Johnson house. Fly to the top of Mt.

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Every cop you shoot makes your gun skill go up by about five. Enable the "Destroy all cars" code. Walk toward the corner and get the pistol. This code cannot be disabled. To the sab of one of them will be propane tanks. Find the 8-Ball shop near where you did the mission where you met Ceaser. You will see a pink dildo spinning. Go to the police station in the Downtown area. On top of one will be a machine gun.

GTA San Andreas

Jump onto it then climb to the raised part of his house. Order food if needed, then hold the place up. Drive to the last one way north and between 2 of the hangars there is an NRG Go to any airport.

To increase your weapon skill, practice at the shooting range or use that weapon frequently. You will see the parachute.

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Don't have an account? You will need a small car or any type of bike BMX, bike, motorcycles, etc.

Enable it in safe houses with a wardrobe, in the wardrobe, or in the sex shop. As they have the casinos ready for you, kill all guards and be done. Press Up to recruit them. After this, you should drive under gt second bridge. When time runs out, CJ will automatically resume playing basketball.

If you hear that one of your territories is under attack, just go to a safe-house and save the game.

They can do everything that your Grove Street Family members can do. Without a gun equipped, hold R1 on a gang member and press D-pad Up.

Walk between the house across from CJ's and go to the right. The farthest person will only be about ten seconds away from the drop off point. There are also arcade games you can play in the bar. Save andreaas game, then go to the betting shop and bet all your money on a horse. Unless you go too slow and lead an officer in there, you will be safe. The entrance is just in front of it, and you can play a horse race game.

Go to the building with the parachute.

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After this, press R3 and go at a slow speed about 5 to 15 mph and enable the "Destroy all cars" code. Police can raise your weapon skill faster than pedestrians. When stuck at the top of a cliff or mountain and you need to go to the bottom, do not bother going the long way around to get down safely.

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