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The notifications also let you know if a new account was opened in your name. The widgets aren't half bad either. The choice is yours. Google launched a completely revamped news app this year, and it's pretty much a dream come true for news nerds.

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KeePassDroid is a password manager. As our production designer Jose Ruiz says, it's bad enough that he spends so much time using VSCO to edit shots—sometimes imported from his high-end camera!

Load the image into the app and double tap to add your text. Zedge is pretty much a one-stop-shop for things like wallpapers, ringtones, notification tones, and alarms. After that, the app will periodically notify you to ask you some questions. You can pick it up right now for free and there are no in-app purchases. It's also highly modular. For me, it was a total no-brainer.

The 70 best Android apps in Get the best from your phone | Alphr

People downloaded them billions of times. It's also the rare console game that jumped to mobile without sacrificing what made it great. You can make lists, share tasks with other people, organize your tasks in various ways, get reminders, set recurring tasks, tl more.

So much so that it's been sitting in the 1 spot in the App Store's gaming charts for weeks, with more than 10 million downloads.

The 70 best Android apps in 2018: Get the best from your phone

You'll want to try this one out if paps phone keyboard is giving you fits. The ad-free version has a few features missing, but the ads will unlock those features as though you paid for it.

Sometimes that could be 50p, sometimes 10p, but it all adds up and no survey takes longer than a minute or two. It's part of the new world of live broadcasting apps that don't target the old set, but have a massive following to the young, especially teens and tweens.

Where do we even start? There's not a lot of nuance to Hole. They're great places to find things like funny GIFs, fun images, little facts, and all kinds of other entertainment purposes. It's also clean, easy to use, and it's great for small teams or family use.

However, they aren't free like this one. Afterlight also has editing features, so it comes down to your own preference for which Instagram app you use for editing. Quik is a video editor app by GoPro. The design is gorgeous as well and the app includes fairly decent and somewhat configurable widgets. Share it on social sites or email. This is a powerful all-in-one app that lets you take the shot and make all kinds of DSLR-like adjustments, from lighting, color, straightening, to filters and manual focus.

How to see which Android apps are spying on you. It's simple, it works, and it's completely free with no in-app purchases.

And the app spps nice with other versions of the game, too. Google Maps is definitely the more powerful of the two. Make sure to choose the correct time zone when you sign up.

9 Amazing Instagram Apps To Generate Buzz For Your Business

It does have gesture typing swipinglight theming, voice typing, emoji search, GIF support, and more. Gboard is Google's official keyboard app. The paid options like LastPass and amaziing are better.

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