Frequent Questions

Caernarvon Township

Frequently asked questions
Q “Where is my Township building?”

The Township office is located on Rt. #23 in Churchtown adjacent to the Caernarvon Fire Hall and across the street from the Caernarvon Elementary School. The address is 2147 Main Street, Narvon PA 17555. The Administrative Office is in located to the rear of the building.

Q “Do I need a building permit?”

According to the Caernarvon Township Zoning Ordinance of 1991, No building or structure shall be erected, constructed, reconstructed, structurally altered, or moved, and no land or building changed in use without a zoning (building) permit. No permits are are required for general maintenance work, painting, building ponds, tilling the soil, constructing fences (provided they qualify), terraces, steps or similar features, landscaping or for installation of utility buildings having a gross floor area of less than one hundred (100) square feet. To obtain a building permit, phone the Township office (717) 445-4244 to schedule a Thursday afternoon appointment with the Township Zoning Officer, Barry Wagner, who will then assist you in obtaining a building permit. Link to zoning page

Q “Where do I get a permit for a sewage system?”

The Caernarvon Township SEO (Sanitation Enforcement Officer) is Berks Envirotech (610) 375-7640.

Q “What if I need a Police Officer!”

If you have an emergency, dial 9-1-1. If there is no emergency, and you would like to talk to a member of the PA State Police – please call the Pa State Police Barracks in Ephrata at (717) 733-8691. Click here for the State Police web site

Q “Where do I vote?”

The voting polls for Caernarvon Township are at the Caernarvon Fire Hall. If you are not registered to vote, you may obtain voter registration forms at the township office.

Q “Am I allowed to burn my trash?”

Yes, provided you follow the requirements of the Township’s burning ordinance. In summary, you may burn your “paper”/ “residential” trash in an approved waste burner – during daylight hours only- Open fires shall not be closer than a minimum of 100 ft. from any structure of any kind and must be kept under personal supervision. Click here to view Township Burning Regulations

Q “How can I adopt a highway?”

Well ok, this isn’t a frequently asked question, but we do allow Township roads to be “adopted” for the purpose of litter cleanup. Community groups and families are all eligible. Contact the Township office for more information (717) 445-4244.

Q How do I dispose of my trash?

Click mixxar q250 to view Township Trash Regulations

Q What are the dog regulations in this township

The most frequent complaint received by the township staff is barking dogs and or dogs running at large. Both the PA State Dog Law and the Caernarvon Township Code of Ordinances prohibit dogs running at large. The township also has regulations regarding barking dogs. If the barking is creating a nuisance and the dog owner does not exercise appropriate control over the dog, he or she may be subject to a fine. We attempt to notify the pet owner by personal visit or via mail with a first notice. Most residents will correct the situation once they have been made aware of the problem. We find that most township residents take corrective action once they have been made aware of any nuisance they are creating for their neighbors.

Q Are there any books available about the area?

Yes, Recollections of Caernarvon Township
is available from:
Jerald L. Martin
408 Hammertown Rd.
Narvon, PA 17555
(717) 445-4411
Cost: $35.00