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Item none, Ghille selectedWeapons Weapon name sight Ironsight, closerange, longrange, eotech, aimpoint, acog, magnifier Attachments none, suppressor, buckshot, flechette, frag, slug, usl, ugl - Can be either a suppressor, Grenade Launcer[ugl or smoke launcher [usl] or special ammo type skin default, camo There is a kit for each possible option. I would not recommend this method without a dedicated team. Even with a python coder it is a lot of work to set up and test.

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I would not recommend this method without a dedicated team. It's hard to beat a person who never gives up. Blaze95 View Member Profile.

Search this forum only? Makes it tough to engage targets that suddenly appear. I have an issue with one map, "Alpine Train. I've installed and played multiple maps. Each weapon has to follow the naming standard rules.

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A kit has to be setup for each kit variant. Bots use the default kits, that are setup in the map's init. If you're referring to the weapon customization be converted just drag and drop with no editing for use in BF I wouldn't think it'd be viable, as this feature was custom built in Python by Badsanta.

That this mod requires two parts to be downloaded and installed to work properly. I am not a python coder, but I have coded in other other programming languages and can generally follow the pdoject.

The decision for this to be the final version of our mod wasnt done in one day i can gurantee you it took us a long time and wasnt easy, but as someone once already said, "everything that has an beginning has an end" With this i want to thank everyone involved in this project all these years and thank all those who contributed their alphs to our mod, it was a fun ride and i feel honored to be lapha to work with so many skilled modders from all around the world So, enough talking, enjoy and dont forgett to visit the server which should be running for a while, also thanks to Neo82 for giving us dedicated online alph for our mod aswell including a new autoupdater tool within this release which will allow us to fix any problems if needed!

Would this be hard to convert for ? It is a lot of settings, where a typo or a missing comma could break it.

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You also need someone that can customize BF menus to support the new customization options. We stumbled over lots of problems and bugs we couldnt redeem entirely however this version is running now smooth unlike it was the case with the 0.

If you had a major install error, you may need to totally uninstall the AP mod, reboot, reinstall, reboot and then try to play it. Without an experienced python coder, it would be difficult to modify. Hello Battlefield Singleplayer Community! CryEngine 3 environment designer, novel writer,dude who love art Group: BF python script uses some different commands to communicate with the game engine, so the core code probably won't even be compatible without some modification to work with the BF game engine.

There are also all the weapons icons that have to be made for each weapon variant There are settings in the Python script that would have to be modified for each new weapon option and team.

Nov 8 SirPort View Member Profile. I got distracted from the map, trying out all the different weapon options.

Paintball Field Member No.: Oct 31 aalpha, That's something what can make my face smilling! I caught my mouth hanging open as I browsed through your release photos.

If you're asking if the whole mod could be converted Even with a python coder it is a lot of work to set up and test. BF has different team factions. I took a look at the python coding as an option for weapon customization in the P4F mod. Actualy we had to do this to the AT weapons as they were abused online when shooting onto soldiers, the launchers are just to strong and that was the only way to balance it for close quater fights.

My only complaint is the delay for shouldering AT weapons.

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