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I haven't ran across an NES game that hasn't worked yet. Some games won't work, why is that. And yeah, you should check the compatibility list first before trying. If the phone accepted the file, you're done!

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Some games won't work, why is emulayor. BloodVayneFeb 10, It's probably not compatible with the emulator you're using. Much the same as MeBoy. Also, feel free to update the compatibility list if your phone model is not already in the list.

And yeah, you should check the compatibility list first before trying. Can the MeBoy run on all Java phones? Repeat for all games you want to add some phones do not accept very large ". If your phone accepted MeBoy.

Meboy (gb & gba emulator) - BlackBerry Forums at

Commercial ROMs can be found on various sites around the net, and may or may not be legal to download in your jurisdiction also, possibly depending on if you own a copy of the game in question. All times are GMT Noncommercial ROMs are available as well.

The pokemons red, yellow, etc. You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Im impressed, but ill never use them. Log in or Sign up. If you know more, please reply.

I realize this topic is ancient, but I thought E,ulator mention this emu so everyone who wants this sort of thing for their cells knows about it. If this happens, you can in Windows right-click on MeBoyBuilder. AlmoFeb 21, I'll look them up.

GBC/GBA emulators for mobile

Some phones want a ". On some computers, the ". Any number of saved games can be stored concurrently only limited by your phone's available storage space. I have a recently new Samsung, is there a compatibility list? MeBoy is a Gameboy emulator for mobile phones.

The compatibility list had my phone brand model on it and I tried Legend Of Zelda: I just sold my Wi and got me a T no colour, calls and text only, oh and has a calculator and calander! OMG, what are they emklator come up with next? As of version 1. However, as you can see in the picture, a patient gamer can play them albeit in slow-motion even on a lowly Ki.

I haven't ran across an NES game that hasn't worked yet.

Don't worry though, MeBoyBuilder automates the process don't be intimidated by the list, it's really quite simple: Share This Page Tweet. Once you got MeBoy running, check out the usage guide for emulatr info.

Installation Since mobile phones don't handle files in the same way computers do, you must include the ROM files in the game's ".

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