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Many fans incorrectly assumed that thousands of beta keys would be handed out on that day, however, only testers from the first phase of the first phase were able to access the beta on that day. Unfortunately, skill has little reward in this game. As I mentioned in our recent podcast, I've been spending quite a bit of time in Battlefield Heroes, and I ended up doing a review over at Eurogamer. Retrieved 25 February You can play it here, for no pennies.

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But a major flaw in this game is the lack of balance in the gameplay. If there is one.

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Batflefield referral scheme was introduced on 14 April And now it's the turn of the…. The game we've been presented with works against itself more often than it does not. Log in to finish rating Battlefield Heroes. The closed beta has already started, and users may stand in queue for a beta key.

By baytlefield friends on Facebook or via a web-link the referral and the referrer would gain Valor Points and an extra 1 day XP Boost. Archived from the original on 19 March If the referral buys or more Play 4 Free Funds within 60 days, the referrer gains Play 4 Free Funds and the referee gains another Valor Points.

In fact, there's some in-game footage to watch.

EA shut down Battlefield multiplayer restoration project The Revive Network | PCGamesN

Play services were resumed and Battlefield Heroes website went back online after being down for 1 day after the breach. Graphics Please select a graphics solution Select The closed heeroes ended on 14 November Cheating is the broadest sense of the word is rife throughout the whole game. Archived from the original on 13 April And the matchmaking is terrible, you sometimes end up in 3 vs 8 matches, because you are restricted to a single side per each character.

It seems like the kind of zany adventure the warring cartoons would be keen to partake in battlefiekd it turns out this is their first lc off-planet. The current closed beta players are under a non disclosure agreement, disallowing them from releasing information about the beta.

There's a new game mode arrived for free-to-play cartoon shooter, Battlefield Heroes.

Is your hardware missing? Once the website was placed back up it was revealed that third-party professional testers would be testing the game, and several open beta phases would begin in the near future.

As a result of this security breach, Battlefield Vattlefield was taken offline pending further investigation.

This splendid trailer also shows off loads of the character adornments and costumes - in some cases far more wacky than I'd expected, but fun nonetheless. For the Korean film, see Battlefield Heroes heroex. Which means if you already had a key, you'll be able to get back into the new and battlefueld version of the game when you receive an email.

Of course, free-to-play games always achieve ludicrous user numbers, but even so this is noteworthy.

Future Proof My PC. On 26 Junehacker group Battkefield announced that they were able to hack into Battlefield Heroes and steal screen names and MD5 -hashed passwords of overbeta users. This was posted on the official Battlefield Heroes website on 31 July battlegield Watch it you shall, if you'll only click on below. Electronic Arts Release Date: But there is nothing as annoying as lagg right when you are trying to snipe someone down.

Battlefield Heroes is closing on July 14th: “The time is right to retire this veteran game”

Battlefield Heroes is a brand new Play 4 Free game from the people that brought you the multi-million selling "Battlefield " and "Battlefield 2" It's a fun cartoon-style shooter which caters to players of all skill levels — easy to pick up and play, but with deep character development.

DICE said that either they signed up too late or it was just a simple mistake.

Please login to add your score for Battlefield Heroes Value played on the pc. It'll really appeal to casual gamers.

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