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In the event of a major winter storm, our most heavily traveled roadways and through streets will get top priority. Your roadway will most likely receive one single pass in each direction and a follow up pass to widen the cleared area as soon the storm and wind conditions permit. In our attempt to remove snow from the roadways, the inevitable volume of snow leaving the blade of the plow may cause damage to mailboxes. While our crew makes every effort to avoid your mailbox, it would be advisable to make sure you mailbox is secured tightly on a sturdy post. We must remind residents that damage occurring from the plowed snow is the property owner’s responsibility. Due to those issues, the decorative and more costly boxes, while they look quite lovely, may not be a wise investment.

Please help us help you!

Never push, plow or throw snow onto the township road. This practice creates hazardous driving conditions and will only be plowed back into your driveway with the next pass of the plow.

Keep parked vehicles off the street whenever possible. Our dedicated Roadcrew will not quit until they have opened all roads. However in the event of blizzard conditions, we may focus on the primary roads first and attend to secondary roads as conditions permit. We appreciate your patience, but feel free to phone the township office if you think we missed your street.

Each fall the township road crew is faced with the job of cleaning from roadside gutters, debris, leaves and other rubbish that collects in the roadside swales. As township citizens we can help to minimize this annual chore and prevent clogged storm water collection facilities by being careful not to rake leaves into the roadside swale. The debris will inevitably end up clogging a drainage culvert or storm water collection facility designed to collect storm water and prevent icing conditions in the winter months.

According to the PA Department of Environmental Protection, lawn mowing, hedge trimming, weeding and raking produce nearly two million tons of yard waste each year. But yard debris does not need to be dumped in landfills or processed at resource recovery facilities. Instead, you can practice the 3 r’s of waste management…

Reduce the amount of yard waste you create through “grasscycling – leave grass clippings on your yard.

Reuse yard waste by mulching with leaves. Chip woody materials to use a ornamental mulch or to control weeds.

Recycle yard waste and vegetable scraps by composting to produce a valuable soil conditioner

In the Spring and Summer months the Township Road Crew, in preparation for the winter season may be in your neighborhood to “cut back” the road right of way. This process involves the roadgrader cutting into your yard. We assure you that this is necessary in order to provide adequate area to drain the storm water and melting ice and snow from the road surface for reasons of safety and preserving the integrity of the roadsurface and there by saving tax dollars. This process, is quite necessary although can be upsetting to home owners when they suddenly discover the edge of their front yard removed. Please be aware that your township has liability for the entire 33 to 50 feet of road right -of-way not just the paved portion. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding for this necessary process.