Gta the fast and the furious

What is going on there ew. There are quite a few editing mistakes. Just to clarify, I didn't make this. Never the less, a great looking recreation, nice work!

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It's full of people that want to shoot you but aren't good enough for death match modes. No 'Looking for players' LFP posts. If there's a more suitable car in GTA then just replace it for 'Elegy' in my post. So with mods you could get it right.

Voice your concerns, message the mods. No Self-advertising or Promotion.

Didn't check Reddit until I got into work. Submit a new link.

Would have been better if they just used an Elegy. The Supra is technically in the game granted it's a mod I don't see why you would compromise with an Hte. Add like a gigantic wing, and about 80 more vents on the front hood, and random scoops all over it with awful graphics. But, AFAIK there's a way to add vehicles, rather than replacing, but it's rather difficult to do without a tool gtq do it for you, takes a bit of time at least.

This means all other GTA games. I would recommend it if you have friends to play with or find a crew that matches what you would want do the most in GTA Online.

No PC or Console elitism. GTAV is awesome This: The barrier is edited in, you can see it simply fades out into nothing over the Charger's left headlight our right. Please take a second gtz read over reddiquette and look over the content that is not permitted.

Looks pretty spot on to me.

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Credit is due where it is due: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Jesus even your signature makes the greatest thing I've ever made look lame. The Elegy is a Ans. It still looks nothing like a Supra overall, but if you had to do this without car mods, it'd be your best bet, at least from a front-facing view.

What is going on there ew. Real life pictures furous videos are generally discouraged, however, some submissions maybe approved if a post is of high quality and generates good discussion. I just found it too awesome to not share it.

GTA Fast And Furious Game - Free Download Full Version For Pc

Doesn't really matter what it replaces IMO, the sound fits rather well and I figure the mod maker based it around the chassis of the Comet, if you replace for instance a truck with a car without completely replacing the handling line, the handling will be fucking terrible, AFAIK there's something else other than the handling line that alters the handling of the vehicle too.

Love the bald head touch in the charger. This includes low quality posts, all CAPS, reposts, and non-descriptive titles. The broken pieces of railroad gate crossing are even on point http: That had to be edited in right? Want to add to the discussion?

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