Caernarvon Township

The Caernarvon Township Planning Commission meets the second Monday of month at 7:30 P.M. in the Township Office.

All citizens are encouraged to attend and participate in these meetings. The following citizens volunteer their time to meet each month to hear and discuss citizen concerns and ideas regarding land use issues. They also review township zoning and land use regulations, provide advice and recommendations to the Board of Supervisors as well as provide advice and recom-mendations regarding land use issues in the area to the Lancaster County Planning Commission.

Steve Leever
149 N. Red School Rd.
Morgantown, PA 19543Marlin Mast
Vice Chairman
240 Twin County Rd.
Morgantown, PA 19543Gerald Eberly
Maple Street
East Earl, PA 17519
Dale Horning
Laurel Ridge Rd.
Narvon, PA 17555Lewis Leid
2357 Valley View Rd.
Narvon, PA 17555
The Caernarvon Township Zoning regulations are updated from time to time. Check with the Township office to determine if your copy is current.

Do I need a permit?
Zoning permits are required for the construction, reconstruction or relocation of any building or structure (including signs), the removal of any building or structure, and prior to any change in the occupancy of a new or existing non-residential building.Prior to building permit issuance for a new dwelling, a sewage permit must be acquired. Please contact Sewage Enforcement Officer below:brightest police flashlight Inc.
328 Tulpehocken Avenue
West Reading, PA 19611
For Sewage Permits please phone: (610) 375-6655Zoning permits are not required for general maintenance work, painting, constructing fences, terraces, steps or similar features, landscaping or for the installation of utility buildings having a gross floor area of less than 100 square feet; zoning permits are not required for the building ponds, however other State or Department of Environmental Protection permits may be required especially if the disturbance of wetlands is involved.If you’re not sure?? Please contact the township office we’ll be happy to help you.For Building permits or zoning questions please phone for appointment or simply for information:

(717) 445-3321
Township Zoning Officer
BRW Consultants
Attn: Barry Wagner
12 Brookwood Drive
Lititz, PA 17543

The Caernarvon Township Zoning Hearing Board consists of Township Citizens who volunteer their time to hear all zoning officer appeals, Special Exceptions as well as hearings to grant relief from the provisions of the Township Zoning Ordinance (Variance Hearings) This board meets as needed, usually once a month, as advertised, based upon zoning hearing requests.

Emanuel Esh
463 California Road
Morgantown, PA 19543Mike Shoup
2593 Main Street,Morgantown, PA 19543  (610) 286-2244
Lloyd Simmers
2104 Windsor Road, Narvon, PA 17555
(717) 445-0201Jeff L. Buckwalter
Alternate ZHB member
2118 Main Street
Narvon, PA 17555
 Real Estate Taxes
Caernarvon Township .15 mills or .00015 X your property assessment
Lancaster County Real Estate Tax 2.515 mills or .002515 X your property assessment
Eastern Lancaster County School District 11.51 mills or .01151 X your property assessment
Caernarvon Township $30.00 (paid in Spring — billed with county real estate tax)
Lancaster County Real Estate Tax $377.25 (paid in Spring)
Eastern Lancaster County School District $1726.50 (paid in Fall)
 Trash Disposal
In 1994 Caernarvon Township adopted a mandatory recycling program. What this means to you is that all residents and businesses in the township must recycle. If you are receiving curbside trash service, your refuse hauler must provide you with a recycling bin and collect your recyclables on regular basis.Option 1 – Curbside pickup
The following are the only Currently Licensed Waste Haulers for Caernarvon Township, Lancaster County Residents:
C & S Disposal – (717) 445-3302
Waste Management – (717) 394-4411
York Waste Disposal (717) 845-1254
BLR Disposal (717) 445-2336
Quality Disposal (610) 286-5478Option 2 – Drop off facility
The township trash/recycling drop off facility operates on Saturday mornings only to all sticker holders You may bring up to five 30 gal. trash bags of non-recyclable waste each week. There is no limit to the number of bags of recyclables you may bring, however while you don’t need to presort the recyclables – please make sure they are clean.The year 2005 Township Trash / Recycling program runs from April 1, 2005 to March 31 2006. The cost of the sticker remains at $70.00. The required stickers are being sold Saturday March 5, 2005 to Saturday April 23, 2005 as of this date they may only be purchased through the mail by sending the permit application to Ream’s Disposal.For Twp. Trash Sticker holders, the annual Fall Clean-up day is scheduled for Saturday, October 1, 2005 and the Spring Clean- up day is scheduled for April 16, 2005. Bulk items such as white goods for a fee of $15.00 each, and tires for a fee of $3.00 each, payable directly to Ream’s Disposal.Caernarvon township burning regulations

To burn or not to burn
This issue continues to raise complaints and concerns among our citizens. Once again we need to remind everyone, to please be aware of your neighbors concerns regarding your rubbish or burn barrel. The open burning of trash, particularly those fires that smolder for hours or days is not environmentally sound and can be detrimental to the health of you and your neighbors. The household waste of today is different from the waste of earlier eras, since it may contain many types of plastics and synthetics. Because of these new materials emit toxic pollutants, a new awareness of the dangers of open burning has surfaced. To appropriately eliminate pollutants emitted from a trash fire complete combustion must be achieved. It is difficult to achieve the necessary temperatures for complete combustion with a small trash fire. However pollutants can be reduced by elevating the temperature. To achieve the highest temperature, you should follow the guidelines published in a PennState Fact Sheet entitled –

Open Burning of Trash:
Expose the waste to air, allowing the fire to burn hotter and more efficiently. This can be done by using grates of heavy expanded wire mesh within your burn barrel to allow air to enter through the waste material.
Agitate the waste while burning to make sure all materials are incinerated. Movable grates work well for this purpose.

By following these procedures you can reduce the health risks associated with open burning. However, performing these steps does not mean that the fire is burning clean or achieving complete combustion. Pollutants are being emitted at lower levels which still may impact human health and the environment. These steps are suggested only to help reduce harmful pollutants.

Please be aware that the burning of TIRES is strictly prohibited by local and state law.

If voluntary cooperation of all township residents in following these regulations fails to eliminate the complaints received from residents adversely affected by their neighbors burning practices, we may all lose our right to burn our household refuse as a total burn ban will be the only solution.