10g companion cd

Enter the directory location of the Oracle Database Oracle home in which you want to install the Oracle home files. Installing the Oracle Database software on a system that has an existing Oracle software installation. If you are copying or directly installing from the installation media, then refer to the instructions in the "Mounting Discs" section.

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When this occurs, click [Yes] to continue. Please note that Oracle Corporation recommends using compqnion most restrictive file permissions as possible for your given implementation. You can determine the value of shmmin by performing the following: On the Select Installation Type screen, select one of the following and then click Next.

If you are using a large set of drives for database storage, you may want to make a sizable testing database.

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I also always select to Generate Database Creation Scripts. If the directory does not exist, then Oracle Universal Installer creates it for you. The Oracle Universal Installer OUI performs checks on your machine during installation to verify that it meets the appropriate operating system package requirements.

Verify that the kernel parameters shown in this section are set to values greater than or equal to the recommended values. Enter the user name used to connect to the LDAP server.

The oinstall group the Oracle Inventory group The dba group the OSDBA group The oper group the OSOPER group If you intend to use the oinstall group during the installation process, then you must set the default group to the one that will be maintaining the database before creating the database or permission problems will arise.

Verify that the Oracle home specified is the Oracle Database Oracle home.

Date and Time Settings Adjust the date and time settings if necessary and click [Forward] to continue. If you do not follow this guideline, then you may encounter errors in the Oracle Workflow middle-tier services. These packages will need to be manually installed from the CentOS CDs after the operating system install. This guide adheres to the Optimal Flexible Architecture OFA for naming conventions used in creating the directory structure. Follow the procedures described in "Accessing the Installation Software" if you want to install the software from a hard drive or install remotely.

Click [Forward] c continue. If for any reason, the automatic layout does not configure an adequate amount of swap space, you can easily change that from this screen.

Insert the disc into the disc drive. This step is optional but recommended.

To read more about about CentOS, please visit their website at companoin. The Database Configuration Assistant DBCA allows users to configure a new database to be in archive log mode, however most DBA's opt to bypass this option during initial database creation.

After selecting the packages to install click [Next] to continue. These drivers can access Oracle Database release 8.

Oracle Database Companion CD Installation Overview

You can use the Oracle Database 10 g Companion Products installation type to install the Oracle Workflow middle-tier components after you install Oracle Workflow Server.

I left them all at their default settings. This chapter describes the products that you can install and provides information that you must know before installing the software. The following steps require use of the root user account: These libraries are required to improve the performance of these products on your platform.

Although many of the required packages for Oracle were installed during the CentOS installation cokpanion, several will be missing either because they were considered optional within the package group or simply didn't exist in any package group! Enter the LDAP node where change log files are located. You can simply accept the default parameters for the next six screens: Specify the host name of the system where the database is installed.

It includes the following sections:. Oracle Ultra Search lets you index and search Web sites, database tables, files, companio lists, Oracle Application Server Portals, and user-defined data sources.

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