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He takes out Major Mylar on a fortress-like playset Level This page was last edited on 10 August , at Laughing maniacally, he says that he something special planned for the next time they meet. Mylar was melted at the end of the final battle, his arm having fallen off of the balcony when he was burning.

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In search for a missing colonel in plastic tropical islands, Sarge finds soldiers from all four armies banded together gae what is called "the Cult". August 6, at Army Men Beyond the Law: Colonel, gone mad, is found to be the leader of this cult Level 5.

Madd, an insane Grey scientist working for the Tan Army, who creates Cult forces by injecting different color liquids to soldiers. Securing a radio installation, Sarge contacts HQ for instructions Level 2using which he wins a tank fight Level 3save a blue spy from the tan forces and escapes through an airfield Level 4.

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March 14, at Use the magnifying glass to melt enemies. Sarge finally attacks the tan fortress, evades a massive wave of angry soldiers, rescues the blue spy, finds a key leading to a weapon of mass destruction located in the center of the fortress.


The first Army Men game was aarmy to task for not going far enough with the milieu and 3DO has rectified that, to a certain extent. Any unfortunate troops caught in these fires will, of course, melt!

Through a portal he emerges at a forested, middle-of-nowhere tan base to fight the last enemy scientists protected by zombies, suicide bombers, etc.

Sarge destroys the zombie mold factory generators Level 7 and chases Dr. Retrieved 11 May The game differs from the first instalment in that it has battles in both the "real world" and the "plastic world". Archived from the original on 14 November Mortar rounds throw up gouts of flame, trees will catch mah and forests will burn.

This page was last edited on 10 Augustat He then goes through another portal to a hobby table in a garage to stop several scientists from escaping back into the plastic world Level 9.

IDK if anybody will see this in but this game was amazing when it came out and its still incredibly fun to play. Archived from the original on 19 February The Third Wave Chicago Desperados: Wanted Dead Or Alive Blitzkrieg: A nice addition to the multiplayer options is the ability to play these games against AI opponents.

Madd to a desert where he must take out other scientists Level 8.

Army Men II

Having all those green troopers around often just confuses things. You can save, carry more weapons, have better control of your units and play the game in one of three difficulties. March 13, at 6: In addition to the single player campaign, a nice variety of multiplayer games is available. Under his breath, he "thanks" Sarge for getting rid of Mylar, and "encourages" him to revel in his victory for now.

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Make sure you read the above link before downloading! Retrieved from " https: Improvements are across the board. Views Read Edit View history.

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