Dota replay parser

Monetization - The Donation Model Be prepared for good and bad months. Sorry simplydotayt for the notification. It makes it easy for developers to see what settings can be changed.

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There are four major replay parsing libraries out there: I wanted to do something similar for Source 2 but Alice has not been updated.

Security Reduce state provided by users.

Sorry, but I haven't used a build system yet. Early deployments consisted of us ssh ing into a box, git pullthen pm2 reload all.

Lessons Learned From Parsing 10 Million Replays

Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Need to store a lot of data as JSON text blobs that are deserialized on read. What am i doing wrong?

Praser Minor Regional Qualifiers. To do so you'll need to build and install protobuf 2. The reason I'm still asking is because I fear that they might shutdown the website one day Also borrows a lot from the Alice Source 1 replay parser.

Toggle navigation The OpenDota Blog. Each service should perform a specific task. Origins Started in August albertcui found some replay parsing libraries on GitHub. Want to add to the discussion? Still basically the same, we subsist on donations and lower the goal to match our hardware costs. Preemptible instances from Google are great for parsing.

GCE lets you size whatever disk you want, and even make it bigger on-the-fly.

Parse offline dem files

You can learn as you go! It was a stressful few days to recover. Make sure to identify and handle all the edge cases. I am trying to find a replay parser allowing me to quickly find when a hero killed others.

Make sure your application can hold up during peak hours. I am actually using YASP. You are responsible for writing the code that utilizes these methods to extract the data you are interested in.

Keep this in mind before committing a large chunk of data to the cloud. Building Sorry, but I haven't used a build system yet. Accidentally deleted our data once.

OpenDota - Dota 2 Statistics

If this happens you might fall behind on getting the latest matches. Need to start from scratch? I'll be using YASP for now, but it would be really great if anyone can show me how and where to start. As a developer do you think something like this possible? Goals Raise Bus factor The minimum number of people that could be hit by a bus and bring down your project.

You'll need to change the library include paths based on where your dependencies are. My games wont show up on my profile, even when i individually parse them.

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